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A student exchange enhances your experience and introduces you to another culture. Experience life in a host family, or choose a student residence for more flexibility.

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About segsibic

segsibicis works with renowned colleges and universities in the field of finding the right people for the right place, both locally and internationally.

We value openness and friendly service at the core of our organizations. segsibic strives to create friendly and effective relationships between all stakeholders and partners. We have helped students obtain a diploma.

Who we are

segsibic is a boutique international language travel agency. What does it mean? We offer you:

Selected and quality educational programs with personal advice and attention. We are currently a multilingual and multicultural team to serve you better.

Our team members have studied and worked abroad and can easily identify with you and share their experiences and expertise with you.

We are convinced that knowledge of foreign languages and cultural awareness are essential in today’s society.

What we believe in

People from all parts of the world are now seamlessly connected thanks to technology and travel options. We believe that everyone, of all ages, should be better prepared to interact with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, both on a personal and professional level.

This is why segsibic offers short or long-term educational programs for every level and age, designed to ensure not only the following:

  1. Language acquisition and improvement, as well as cultural discovery.
  2. But they also help our students achieve their academic or professional goals.

our programs

High school abroad

Living with a host family or at a boarding school and high school studies abroad for a semester, a semester or an academic year: apply now for one of our unforgettable high school studies abroad. Discover our exchange programs for high school students.

Immersion in a host family

Share the daily life of a host family abroad thanks to our home stay immersion programs. Add school integration or intensive one-on-one language lessons to your experience. Discover our home stay immersions for high school students and adults.

Language school

Book a language course at an international language school abroad: the best price-quality ratio guaranteed! Choose your destination, the duration of your stay and your accommodation. Design your own study program and learn a new language.

Summer camps

International summer camps and junior language courses with activities and sports! Guided programs for teens to have a safe and fun summer abroad with other teens. Discover our international summer camps and courses abroad for teenagers for high school students.

What we do for you

We help our students and their parents to choose the most suitable Study Abroad program based on multiple criteria, taking into account our students:

  1. Needs, preferences, requirements,
  2. Personal objectives,
  3. Academic goals,
  4. Time available,
  5. Educational project

We have over 15 years of experience in advising, guiding and supporting international students from all over the world to ensure a successful, safe and rewarding Study Abroad program.

To ensure the well-being and safety of our students, we strive to build a long-term relationship with our cooperative.

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