btec diploma in applied sciences

BTEC Diploma in Applied Sciences

Applied science is a discipline that applies existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications, such as technology or inventions. This Level 1 course gives you an introduction to applied science, looking at the basic principles of biology, physics and chemistry. It will develop your skills and knowledge and prepare you for further training. You will research the different areas and organizations in which science is used and see what jobs and careers are available.

About the course

You study basic scientific principles in biology, chemistry and physics. You make scientific observations by carrying out practical experiments and learn skills and techniques for chemical research; learning to use mathematical tools in science and carrying out a practical scientific project. You will take English, maths and IT lessons as part of the program and receive weekly tutoring to support you. You will be assessed on the basis of assignments and practical work. All students gain work experience during their studies.

Major areas of study include:

  1. The study of living things
  2. Healthy living
  3. Health and causes of diseases
  4. Use of scientific equipment
  5. The nature and application of energy, waves and radiation
  6. Science in the world

What do I need?

No formal qualifications are needed for this course, but you will need to demonstrate a genuine interest in science and be proficient in English and Maths at entry level 3. You will also need to sit an interview.

Where can I go further?

If you pass this qualification and achieve English and Maths at Grade 3, you can progress to the college’s BTEC First Award in Applied Science Level 2. Alternatively, you can initially work as an Assistant Science Technician or Assistant Practitioner in a wide range of roles in the scientific sector.

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