Applying for student visa

Advice on applying for a student visa!

The new student level of the points-based system

If you want to apply to come to Britain to study for more than six months after the end of March, you will need to apply under 4 and pass a points-based assessment.

Documents required for a student visa

  1. Student visa application form
  2. Photo – 45 millimeters high by 35
  3. CAS statement from the Institution
  4. IELTS/PTE score, if applicable
  5. Valid passport
  6. Visa fees must be paid online
  7. Copies of Academic Mark sheets and certificates
  8. Work experience certificates, if applicable

Where to apply ?

You should apply for your student entry visa at the nearest British embassy or consulate with a visa department. Processing times vary, but it is best to apply before starting your course.

Maintenance requirements

As a mature student you will receive 10 points if you have enough money to cover course fees and living expenses. This is called the maintenance requirement.

Your money must be kept in cash and you must prove that you have owned the money at least days before the date of application. Shares, bonds, pension funds and similar savings accounts are not accepted.

When can you come to Great Britain?

If you get an Adult Student Visa, you can enter Britain up to one month before a course lasting six months or more. If you are granted an adult student visa and your course is less than six months in duration, you may enter seven days before the start of the course. If you get an adult student visa for a pre-session before starting a course, you can come one month before your course starts.

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