Immersion in a host family

Discover our language immersion programs for high school students!

Live for a few weeks with a hospitable and caring host family abroad and learn the language and culture from within! The summer host family programs offer international high school students the opportunity to join a host family living abroad.

During this high school summer abroad, the student shares the daily life and special activities of a local host family. The program does not generally include language courses or group activities, although this is added as an option in some countries. View the different options for your language immersion for teenagers with a host family.

What can I expect from a language and culture immersion program for teens abroad?

International High School students are not welcomed into a family as guests, but as real new members of the host family: the participant should therefore not behave as a tourist, but as a new child of the family.

Students must be willing to participate and adapt to family life and help with various tasks at home. The more the student tries to learn about local customs, food habits and customs, the more rewarding the experience will be!

The student participating in a summer immersion program must be open-minded, mature, and curious. It will make new friends, get acquainted with a foreign culture from within and make significant progress in learning a foreign language thanks to the constant immersion in the language studied.

Most host families live in small towns or in the countryside. Very few families living in city centers welcome exchange students due to the size of their housing. The language immersion with the host family is organized thanks to motivated host families who are happy to welcome a student.

What will I learn during my High School Summer Abroad program?

It’s not just about language acquisition. This exciting summer homestay immersion for high school students also promotes international understanding. It is an excellent opportunity to learn another language and discover a new culture and way of life. You will undoubtedly develop your intercultural skills!

Language improvement comes from continued immersion within a family, as well as with their friends and relatives. For example, during your Spanish immersion you will most likely be able to meet many neighbors, including: During the summer it is common for host families to spend a lot of time outdoors and therefore meet the local community!

This summer immersion program generally lasts four weeks, but longer or shorter programs may also be offered. We encourage you to stay as long as possible: the longer you stay, the more immersed you will be and the faster you will learn new words, become more communicative, understand people better and express yourself more clearly.

Do you also have a host family for adults?

The best way to learn a foreign language: live with your language teacher at home and take intensive one-on-one private language immersion classes. Discover our Homestay Immersions for adults.

Thanks to a homestay immersion with language courses in the country of your choice, you can learn or improve a foreign language in a short time! Live in your teacher’s home and benefit from private language lessons each week. The content is adapted to your interests and needs. Spend the rest of your free time visiting the area or doing other activities independently!

Living in the teacher’s house and taking private language lessons is the only language learning system that prevents the student from speaking his/her native language after class, thus negating much of what he/she has learned. The one-on-one language lessons are the key to fast learning. Students will have the unique opportunity to experience complete immersion in a host family, to live with and be taught individually by their own private teacher. This one-on-one immersion program with a host family is very intensive.

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