Certificate in Engineering

Certificate in Engineering

Our unique Level 1 Engineering programs are designed to support you in achieving a Level 1 qualification in engineering by embedding a skills development and employability program into your engineering course. From day one, we start preparing you not only with the technical knowledge the industry needs, but also with the additional skills employers expect from their employees.

You will work with a range of technical equipment and you will also develop your craft using hand tools. Working with our highly experienced team of teachers, trainers/assessors and advanced technicians, you will develop the skills needed in the 21st century manufacturing and engineering sectors. After completing this course, there will be plenty of opportunities open to you as you will have developed the skills that are in high demand in the industry. You can progress to our level 2 engineering course, an internship or a job.

About the course

Mechanical engineering is the discipline that applies the principles of engineering physics, engineering mathematics and materials science to the design, analysis, manufacture and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is one of the oldest and broadest technical disciplines.

This Level 1 program provides you with a broad technical education covering a wide range of engineering subjects including mechanical and electronic engineering.

You experience an interactive way of learning. Practical and experimental lessons provide you with hands-on experience to complement the more theoretical modules of the course, while innovative design-build-test projects replace the more traditional lecture and laboratory/workshop sessions.

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to visit an engineering and manufacturing facility to see how they work and what types of equipment they use. We also invite guest speakers from the business community and former university students to tell you about their experiences in the sector and what opportunities await you.

You will study a range of technical topics including:

  1. Electronic technology
  2. Mechanical engineering

The Skills Development and Employability Program will develop your organizational, time management and teamwork skills, among the many other skills employers look for in the tech sector.

What do I need?

Although there are no formal entry criteria, engineering is a technical subject with both theory and practical elements in the courses we offer. Therefore, some working knowledge of basic mathematics is desirable and a general interest in engineering and manufacturing is highly desirable. As part of your study programme, you are required to take and work towards English or Mathematics in Year 4. All students must also attend and successfully complete a formal induction period.

Where can I go further?

Students who complete this course can progress onto our Level 3 Diploma in Engineering, onto an apprenticeship or into direct employment.

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