International Student

If you are planning to study abroad, the following information can help you make the right decision!

Visa guidance for student routes

For students planning to study the Student Route, Visa is part of the points-based system of immigration. To make a successful application, you must meet all the requirements of the immigration rules.

70 point breakdown

The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies that the university sends you will earn you 50 points. For the financial criteria you will receive 10 points, which proves that you have enough money to cover your course fees and living expenses. You will receive ten points for your English language skills. You will need to take part in a short interview with the university if we have used a locally equivalent qualification to assess your English skills in all four components.

What is confirmation of acceptance for studies?

An electronic document with a unique reference number is known as a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. The university will give you a number to use as a reference number when applying for a student visa. Before you can apply for a student visa, you must first obtain one. A is only valid for 6 months and can only be used once. However, you can only apply for a student visa six months before the start of your course.

How do I get a Cas?

To receive your CAS, the university requires the following documents:

  1. Unconditional offer to study at university.
  2. Completed university application
  3. Copies of your qualifications
  4. Completed immigration history questionnaire
  5. Copy of your passport photo/name page
  6. Copy of any previous ones
  7. Copy of any previous CAS you used to obtain a Tier 4 visa
  8. Copy of all visa denials you have received for any country

Financial requirements

To apply for a student visa, you must prove that you have the means to pay the first year’s tuition fees and to support your living expenses during your studies.

Because meeting the financial requirements for a student visa accounts for 10 of the required 70 points, it is crucial that you know what financial documentation you need to submit with your visa application.

If you sign up for a program that lasts longer than nine months, the maximum amount you must demonstrate on financial criteria is per month. At a minimum, these funds must be in your bank account before you submit your visa application.

Worldwide Recognition

The degrees and qualifications of British higher education institutions are renowned around the world for being high quality and world class. The standard of excellence is set by some of the older universities with recognizable names, such as Oxford and Cambridge, but the tradition continues in many of the universities and colleges around the world.

Growing destination

International students have always been an important presence in the world and their numbers are steadily growing. With a large number of international students every year, it is the second most popular destination for international students.

Education costs are lower

The cost of education for an international student can be lower compared to the and other countries. Some courses in the US can add up to a year of tuition alone. Tuition fees for most higher education institutions. You can also save a lot of money because completing your studies generally takes less time than in other countries. Although four-year programs are becoming increasingly popular, most degrees require a three-year course and a master’s program typically lasts between one and two years. Taking into account the shorter time frame, the costs will be much lower if you only have to plan for three years instead of four or even five years as in many other countries.

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