Certificate in Care for Children

Certificate in Care for Children

This one-year course gives you an introduction to caring for children and prepares you for further learning. This course is aimed at students who wish to work in childcare and early years. You will be assessed by your teacher in different ways. This may include tasks such as designing charts, leaflets and coursework.

About the course

You will learn about the growth and development of babies and young children. You will explore the value of a healthy lifestyle and diet, communication and learning, aspects of play and the importance of building children’s self-confidence.

  1. Encourage children to eat healthy
  2. Keeping children safe
  3. Communicate with children
  4. Child’s play and leisure
  5. Activities in the community

What do I need?

You must have achieved a grade 2 in GCSE Mathematics and English. We also accept applications for this course from individuals with functional skills in English and Mathematics in Entry 3.

Where can I go further?

You can progress to a level 2 childcare diploma to work towards a career in the childcare sector.

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