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Travel and learn a new language abroad with segsibic!

Student Profile for the Immersive Language School Abroad:

You are a:

  1. High school student.
  2. Adult who is/is not in working life
  3. Pensioner
  4. Student at university

And you are looking for:

  1. Learning a language abroad
  2. Improving a language abroad
  3. Gain a new experience abroad
  4. Discover a new place
  5. Meet other international students
  6. A program with great flexibility

Language School Program: Travel alone or with friends to learn a language abroad!

We offer language courses abroad at all levels, with or without language courses in the morning with other international students at a language school. During the weekends and in your free time you can do whatever you want!

The international language schools are highly regarded and offer a variety of language courses abroad:

  1. General language courses
  2. Business language courses
  3. Exam preparation courses.

A language school abroad also organizes socio-cultural excursions, visits and sporting activities. These activities are optional. They often take place in the afternoons and on weekends, as the mornings are devoted to language courses.

As a general rule, the program starts with a language test, which allows teachers to determine the participant’s level upon arrival. Courses can be organized in groups or for individuals. These language schools, which are usually open all year round, are well equipped with educational materials.

The schools are recognized centres. Teachers at Language Schools Abroad are carefully selected to ensure a quality program. They are usually native speakers and have experience teaching the language abroad.

What will my weekday routine look like during a language program abroad?

At you can buy your lunch near the school as there are street food restaurants, shops and supermarkets nearby, or eat your packed lunch in a park nearby. If you don’t have a class in the afternoon, we recommend that you manage your time well so that you get the most out of your language study abroad.

What can I do in my spare time?

While you study a language course abroad, you will not only learn the language in the classroom. While living abroad, you will also learn a foreign language outside the classroom.

Activities are not included in the language programs abroad, but you can do an infinite number of things, as long as you remember to respect the laws of the country, the host family or student residence and the segsibic rules of course!Some ideas are:

  1. Review/reread what you learned in class
  2. Sights in the area
  3. Eat at local restaurants
  4. Going to the cinema or going to the theater
  5. Visit museums, monuments, shops, markets, etc
  6. Hang out with new friends
  7. Get a part-time job

Looking for guided language courses abroad for teenagers?

Language courses abroad at the best language schools are for students and adults who are mature, independent, responsible and used to traveling alone by public transport. If you are between 13 and 18 years old and are looking for a language learning program abroad, including accommodation and all meals. Hundreds of students have already traveled with segsibic. You too are welcome in the segsibic family.

Looking for advice? Need support? Share your details with us and we will contact you soon.

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