Masonry diploma Level 1

Masonry diploma Level 1

This course is aimed at school leavers or those wanting to enter the construction industry for the first time. The Level 1 Award provides a good foundation in a chosen field for those who wish to progress to Level 2.

About the course

As a follow-up to the level 1 course, you will deepen your knowledge of bricklaying and help further expand your technical skills. Your skills are extended to masonry constructions including cladding; pillars and cavity wall constructions. As part of your study programme, you will study mathematics and English in addition to your professional qualification. Work experience is an essential part of the training and you will be supported in finding an internship that is relevant to your studies.

  1. Work safely
  2. Information, quantities and communicating with others
  3. Construction methods and construction technology
  4. Basic block laying skills
  5. Basic bricklaying skills
  6. Basic cavity swellings
  7. Contribute to the layout and construction of basic masonry structures up to damp course level

What do I need?

There are no formal entry requirements, but if you have not yet completed your Maths and English in Year 4, you will study these alongside this course. Employers are looking for construction workers who are proficient in math and English. It is important for your future that you do everything you can to achieve this.

Where can I go further?

You can progress to the construction diploma trowel professions level 2.

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