High school abroad

What can I expect from my high school exchange program with segsibic?

The High School Study program represents the deepest cultural immersion experience for teens abroad. These programs promote intercultural education for youth and help our teens become global citizens.

For students looking for a broader experience of life abroad, segsibic offers exchange programs for high school students abroad for a few weeks, a semester, a term or a full academic year. High school exchange students who spend a school year abroad, live with a host family or choose a student residence or a boarding school. They attend a public or private high school abroad, which allows them to learn about another culture and improve their language skills. Learn more about the segsibic Exchange Program.

What is high school study abroad for?

segsibic Exchange programs for high school students are open to students from all over the world. Some restrictions may apply due to visa and residence conditions abroad.

How long is a high school abroad program?

High school studying abroad is possible with a duration of:

  1. One month.
  2. A school year abroad.
  3. A school semester abroad.
  4. Or a school year abroad.

What type of school does an exchange student usually study at?

Foreign students during their school year attend public and private student exchange programs.

Where do high school exchange students live?

During the high school abroad program, accommodation is offered in:

  1. Host families
  2. Boarding quarters
  3. Or student housing.

When placed with a family, high school exchange students are placed in a safe and pleasant home. Language learning comes from immersion with a host family. The house has been carefully selected. Whenever possible, we try to bring family and student together in terms of interests.

Who can register for a school year abroad?

Participating in a school year abroad means full immersion in the life of the country: it is the best way to master the foreign language of the country and gain a full cross-cultural and cross-cultural experience.

The segsibic exchange program is selective: each student must be interviewed before being accepted.

Every high school exchange student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Age specification according to country.
  2. 2 or more years of language study with good grades.
  3. An above-average academic record.
  4. A previous experience of living far away.
  5. Interest in getting to know another culture and language.
  6. The willingness to make new friends and share the daily life of a host family.
  7. An open and flexible attitude.

What is the best place for high school exchange programs abroad?

segsibic advisors will help you determine the high school exchange year: based on your preferences, goals, interests, language skills and objectives, your advisor will suggest possible destinations. Every student is unique and we pay a lot of attention to your project.

segsibic is an organization that offers exchange programs to high school students worldwide. The school year abroad is available in 17 countries. Choose your preferred destination for your high school student exchange programs.

Looking for advice? Need support? Share your details with us and we will contact you soon.

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